Top 5 reasons to ‘GO SOLAR’

In today’s time, we are facing an acute shortage of non-renewable energy. With a developing world and an ever-increasing population, there is a dramatic increase in the consumption of resources. Fossil fuels are the main source of the world’s 80% conventional energy. While the demand has grown leaps and bounds, the natural resources are limited and are getting depleted much faster their use is associated with a number of negative environmental effects – such as global climate change and air pollution. Natural resources might occur naturally but it takes hundreds of thousands of years to replenish the stores. Hence, the energy crisis poses a serious threat. To mitigate the vulnerabilities in the energy system, it is imperative that we shift from conventional to non-conventional sources like wind, solar, hydro, etc.
Choosing solar solutions is a great alternative in the face of such a crisis. Solar is economical and has several benefits of its own. Mentioned below are the top five key reasons that would help you to understand the benefits and encourage you to go solar.

Clean and renewable energy

The combustion of fossil fuel is responsible for greenhouse gas emission and one of the primary reasons for global warming. Due to irresponsible human activities, the percentage of emissions is increasing every day. 70% of all Greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, mainly carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions come from energy-related activities. Avoiding dangerous climate change and staying below a 2 °C warming requires cutting global emissions rapidly. Installing solar solutions will help cut down a huge portion of greenhouse gases.
Solar energy represents a clean and green source of energy. Apart from being the most effective and reliable source, solar is a phenomenal way to reduce the carbon footprint.

A cost saver

The usage of electricity is directly proportional to energy costs. The more you use, the more you pay. Electricity bills will continue to burn a hole in your pockets as long as you continue depending on electricity for day to day activities. Fortunately, the sun offers a reliable and affordable alternative source of power.
There’s a common misconception that solar energy is generated from sunlight. Rather it is generated from daylight. So even on cloudy, rainy days, solar panels work effectively to produce energy. Being a natural source of energy, resorting to solar energy will thereby lower your electricity bills. It can be aptly said the moment you switch on solar power, you immediately start saving on your energy costs. In fact, the longer you have a solar system installed, the more you benefit from it.

Electricity independence

Traditional energy heavily depends on fossil fuels that are not just limited but are also bad for the environment. On the contrary, solar electricity gives you the freedom to control your power and also protect consumers from factors like an increased unpredictable price, changing circumstances and more. While solar energy depends on the power of the sun, there is no way in which the costs can rise beyond expectations. Also, this power can be saved for future usage by attaching battery storage systems and used as and when required. These battery storage systems can store enough electricity to satisfy the needs of power through peak hours. Thereby, house or business owners can control their power usage and have access to electricity even in case of power cuts.

An investment for the future

While you can derive the benefits of solar from the moment you switch it on, it is one solution that helps you reap its benefits in the future as well. Most solar systems have very short pay off period of less than five years. Not just this, most suppliers offer a warranty of 25 years along with a guarantee on parts and after-sales service. This relaxes the consumer, helps them to save money and earn benefits from it in the long term. Also, such a system already installed on a property, adds instant value at any point in time.
Among the various renewable energies, solar photovoltaic (PV) has harvested the most excitement in these recent years due to rapid technological development leading to minimizing the generation cost.

A green step

Solar power is self-sufficient. Sourced from the sun, it is inexhaustible and does not emit harmful or toxic gases. Being 100% pollution-free, it has a positive and favourable effect on the environment as well.

In spite of being aware of the environmental crisis, people still tend to restrict themselves from shifting their dependency for non-renewable sources of energy to renewable ones. This is majorly due to lack of proper awareness, clear objectives and necessary information related to solar solutions. The financial cost is another biggest reason that is responsible for the minimal usage of solar power. However, considering the benefits of solar solutions, in the long run, it’s time when we should act and shift our interest towards choosing renewable sources of energy like the power of the sun. During 2010-2020, ten-year period, cumulative installed PV capacity has grown at an average rate of 40% per year (approximately). Governments and communities increasingly comprehend that renewable sources are sustainable and affordable (even without subsidies), and which can be easily included in current and future plans.

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