Solar Plans & Services

We aim towards providing customisable and high quality solar solutions as per our client’s requirements.
As we strictly adhere to our customer centric approach we start with understanding customer’s requirements, followed by suggesting best solutions and finally implementing them in the most cost effective and efficient manner. At the end of the day, it’s the satisfaction of our clients that matters us the most.

Choose a solar plan that works for you

Roof top Solutions

As Government is supporting in form of subsidies and incentives, solar is going big in every city in India. With half a dozen successful projects under our name, we have gained a lot of experience to handle all types of roof top solar projects.
including Grid Tied, Grid Interactive and Off Grid Solutions

Off Grid Solutions

These systems converts sunlight directly to electricity and doesn’t require connection to local utility grids. Thus, these solutions are beneficial to areas that dont have grid access. These solutions also allows storage of excess electricity in storage solutions so that generated electricity can be used in future also.

Ground Mounted Solutions

Under this the solar plant is connected to the Utility Grid so that any surplus electricity generated is fed to the Utility. In this manner it becomes a source of income for the owner. Such solar solutions is good for all be for home usage or industrial or commercial application.

Solar Water Pumps

Water pumps operating on solar energy is not only efficient but also cost effective. Its low maintenance costs, longer product life are some of the advantages of using solar pumps. With the increase in cost of diesel and electricity, solar pumps is a better option.

Solar Street Lights

Street Lights are powered by Solar Panels which could be attached on the pole or on the head of the structure. The electricity generated through solar panels charges the battery which ultimately powers up the light.

Consultancy, Designing and Engineering Services

Efficiency of any plant depends on the design of the plant. Thus, having a team of qualified and experienced members help us achieve the goal of balancing yield maximisation and cost minimisation. With experience in different types of projects, our team is well equipped to cater to all sorts of requirements.

Operations & Maintenance

A dedicated team of O&M works aggressively to avoid ant disruptions, maximise uptime and extend the economic life of the plant. We aim to provide the guaranteed kilowatt hour of electricity production.

Battery Energy Storage System

We work with our customers to create an effective and efficient battery storage system as per their requirements. These solutions are applicable to both home and business users. BESS proves advantageous in terms of peak shaving and load shifting.

Our Work Process

Site Survey 1

Site Survey

Design &  Engineering 2

Design & Engineering

Procurement &  Installation 3

Procurement & Installation

Inspection 4


Commissioning 5


Operation &  Maintenance 6

Operation & Maintenance